2013 Forecast for Virgo Sun or Rising Sign

Expansive Jupiter brings the promises and opportunities whereas contracting Saturn focuses our attention to our life’s responsibilities and challenges to overcome. Saturn can give separations as Jupiter can bring connections.

The year starts out with Jupiter transiting Gemini until June 25, 2013 then it enters the sign Cancer into next year. Protective Jupiter in Gemini transits your 10
th house sector of career matters, visibility, authority and government. Jupiter in the 10th will give more opportunities for professional advancement and recognition. A favorable cycle to begin a new business, start a new job or change a career path. Jupiter rules traveling and education so when transiting the 10th is positive for business trips or additional professional training.

When Jupiter enters Cancer it enters the 11
th house of goals, dreams and aspirations along with friendships and group activities. Jupiter in the 11th can bring support from friendships, favorable for networking at social and business events and stimulating more expansive goals. Jupiter rules traveling and education and when transiting the 11th you may be traveling with a group tour or making future educational plans.

Saturn, the teacher of our important life lessons entered Scorpio in October 2012 and will remain until September 2015 as it does about every 30 years. Responsible Saturn will bring your attention to 3
rd house matters that rules siblings, communications, writing, sales, meetings and short distant travels. Saturn transiting the 3rd gives you more mental concentration and discipline favorable for writing and studying. Saturn may also indicate a strain on sibling relationships as well as close neighbors. And others may need to take more short business trips than usual.

Jupiter in Gemini will not be supporting Saturn the first 5 months but fortunately when Jupiter enters Cancer it will bring more favorable energies to Saturn, as both will be in compatible water signs. Jupiter in Cancer transiting 11
th house of goals and aspirations favorably influencing Saturn transiting the 3rd of communications can bring you more support and opportunities in 3rd house matters. The Jupiter Saturn cycle will give its benefic influence from June 2013 until June 2014 and will be more favorable for writing, speaking, interviews, sales, Internet business, business trips and sibling relationships.

The Uranus Pluto square continues into 2015, a period of major social changes and upheavals as well as more intense weather events along with earthquakes and volcanoes. This connection is the first test of the conjunction of Uranus Pluto in 1965 and the previous one was in 1850 and both conjunctions pointed to a paradigm shift for social progress. The cycle of 1850 foreshadowed the freeing of the slaves in the US triggering the Civil War and the 1960’s witnessed the Vietnam War protests, rioting, assassinations and when the US finally enacted the Civil Rights Act. The Uranus Pluto square from 2012 through 2015 will be when the seeds of discontent planted in the mid 60’s will blossom again to help push humanity towards more equality but also the backlash from those in power who want to keep the status quo.

Liberating Uranus is transiting Aries in your 8
th house sector of death and endings but also finances, insurance, taxes, settlements, inheritance, debt and credit. Transformational Pluto in Capricorn is transiting your 5th house of creative self-expression, children, the stock market, gambling, romance, sports, entertainment and games. Therefore the Uranus Pluto square of 2012 to 2015 will bring sudden changes and upsets that could affect your stock market investments and other financial holdings. But you could also win the lottery, a legal settlement or receive an inheritance that would also suddenly enhance the financial security of your life. Having a child would also suddenly change a parent’s finances.

The periods of greatest tensions will be when Uranus Pluto square near May 20
th and November 1st. Also restrictive Saturn will be in a very stressful aspect to rebellious Uranus giving intense upsets for everyone and our planet around April 13th and October 5th. A Taurus solar eclipse on May 10th and a Scorpio solar eclipse on November 3rd and the days around a solar eclipse can be unstable and not good for beginning any new ventures.

Mercury, the planet of communications, agreements, expectations, learning and travel when retrograde gives delays, frustrations or disappointments and never a good idea to start a new job or project or sign contracts or make promises under the retrograde of Mercury.

Mercury Retrograde periods in 2013:
February 23 – March 17, June 26 – July 20, October 21 –November 10

Venus the planet of love, relationships and creativity will be retrograde: December 21, 2013 – January 31, 2014